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Beth’s Childmining is a sole trader based in the UK at 36 Honywood Road, Lenham, Kent ME17 2HH . We are registered with PACEY (the Professional Association of Childcare & Early Years) and regulated by OFSTED (the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services & Skills). For more information please contact us or either of these organisations.

More about me…

Ok so the areas that I realistically cover are rural Maidstone to Lenham. Harrietsham, Bearstead and Rural Ashford – Egerton, Charing, Lenham Heath, Charing Heath are my closest villages. I am lucky to also pull a lot of work from a huge employer in the area, Lenham Storage, which is literally 2 mins from my house as is Lenham Railway station that is a direct line to London Bridge.

Having had 2 children who had passed the age of needing nurseries and childminders I returned to work when they were both in school full time. I worked for an American expense company, in an office working regular hours whilst my 2 children were safely in school. During the holidays they attended a holiday club that in my opinion was below par in many ways but was literally the only option. The children being older and able to vocalise any problems made me feel happy that they would soon say if they were unhappy or worried about it too much though.

Fast forward 2 years and child number 3 coming along, coupled with the fact that I was now a single mother who needed to work, I started to look at day nurseries for the baby and couldn’t find one I liked/was happy with or that would bow down to my every whim! They were all charging the earth and not delivering in my opinion. I decided there and then that I would leave my nice cosy office job on my nice cosy wage and start up a childcare service that I would be happy to use and could afford to pay for!


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